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The Most Rev. Marta' Jmmanuel Nesta Rock, R.N., Ph.D. Archbishop, Matriarch, Shepherdess of the Air Waves

My professional background consists of the following:

Psychiatric Nurse Counselor, Spiritualist Minister, Independent Catholic Archbishop, Certified Medium/Channel and Healer.

As an international channel, my biographical profile states:

Weekly Top Psychic Producer: NESTA Previously, a 5-star top rated psychic known as Rev. Nesta with other networks..

"As a Clairvoyant, Clairaudient and Clairsentient Medium, Counselor and Healer, I have channeled the Archangels and Ascended Masters for over thirty years.  Past, present and future core answers can assist you in making the correct path choices of your life.  Developing wisdom through self-examination will help to create Passage as to when to curve and carve and round a bend. There is never closure without choice.  Find tenor, tone and harmony in your life through interface: 'Looking into' the grand view of choices in enacting Quest and Change is a dance that the Angels love to help you share and complete. You are the best part of this Universe. With Oneness, Evenness of Mind, catch your Mind Stream of Soul Passage. You are at the Helm. Touch-in: with Spiritual Inherency and Thrust, Retouch, Reopen and Restore the Colors of your Life.

Past life readings are done at times to enhance present life situations. With 'knowing' your Soul's Path; you can step forward with skill and dedication in touch with Truth and Light. We can all step up to the plate and deliver. It's just a matter of Light Work. When you look within and know the Gift of You, you automatically are trusting and sharing your Passage; and you bring uplifted vibrations and Energy through to all.

Each moment is an opportunity for Growth. As One, we are responsible for the up-keep of ourselves and each other. James Weldon Johnson, in his 'Lift Every Voice and Sing' states: 'Sing a song full of the Faith that the dark past has taught us. Sing a song full of the Hope that the present has brought us'. A Navajo chant says it this way: 'All things around me are restored in beauty'."

As the Voice and Visions and Inner Contact in Knowingness grew stronger and more Direct with Guidance, each step of Journey highlighted each step in Passage. I began to learn how to 'just be' with my Guides; in knowing that each moment was given to me to be in and grow from in perfect placement, I learned to dance with the Universe with increased faith. As I progressed towards completing each aspect of each step and began to inwardly proceed, my Question to God: 'What is my next Step' was always answered in Right Time and Right Place.

Barbara, a psychic in Montreal said to me: " You have the ability to take people to the next level." Another psychic in England stated: "You have insight and strength from Spirit. I feel a strong male presence [Jesus/Jmmanuel] around you Who has given you everything that you need throughout life." Clients commented: "Nesta has a vast contact with Spiritual healing Entities that  healed me immediately."  MLD, Australia. "Nesta blew me away. Her reading and predictions were extraordinary and accurate. As she spoke the little hairs on my body stood up. She is an extremely extraordinary human being. She is an angel in disguise. May other people have the privilege of being touched by her as I have been." KB, England.


My degrees consist of concentrations in healing, metaphysics and esoteric studies:

1. R.N.: State Board Exam results produced a high enough GPA to ensure a waiver where I could practice in any state professionally. My specializations are psychiatric nurse counseling and holistic health.

2. B.A.: Goddard College Adult Degree Program studies in Metaphysics, Holistic Health, Creative Writing and Shamanism. My advisor evaluated this study: There is no way to describe Nesta’s study on shamanism than as a stunning success. She approached the study with more intensity and commitment, I believe, than any other student I have worked with…. She has demonstrated the ability to integrate new knowledge with her personality, to use that knowledge to expand her awareness of herself and of the world; she has expanded her objectivity and deepened her personhood. She has discovered that she is a remarkably bright and literate and articulate and competent person. Indeed she has, I think, in the process of this study, achieved autonomy.

--Successful accumulation of undergraduate and graduate core courses for B.A. and M.A. Degrees.

3. Morris Pratt Institute: [Board of Education for the National Spiritualist Association of Churches]; graduated with Licentiate Minister, Medium and Healer Certificates.

4. The Western Catholic Church of Malabar, Malabar Rite: M.A. Degree and Ordained Minister.

+ Mar Thoma Shanchara, L.H.D., D.D. stated: “While Seminary training was not available for Priests at that time that Nesta was employed with my Church and Institute, she (on her own volition for enhancement of her own priest training) transcribed course subjects which had been taught by me in my Seminary training classes. She then consolidated aspects of these training tapes [with my written permission that she do so] within the coursework of her incorporated Institute of Theology. I highly recommend Nesta for on-going Seminary training and doctoral work. Upon my recommendation, after graduating from my Institute, she continued at-a-distance Seminary training with Archbishop Herman Adrian Spruitt’s The Catholic Apostolic Church of Antioch, Malabar Rite' Sophia Divinity School. She was ordained Independent Catholic Priest within the Free Church of Antioch, Malabar Rite by +The Most Rev. Michelina Foster, MscD (the late Abp.Warren Prall Watters and  Abp.Ellen Watters’ Church and Esoteric School) in December, 1997.

5. Seminary Training with The Catholic Apostolic Church of Antioch, Malabar Rite's Sophia Divinity School: Upon my Ordination to Priesthood with the Free Church of Antioch, Archbishop Meri Louise Spruit, D.D., Matriarch, wrote to me: “Happy congratulations on your ordination to the Priesthood. You have come a long way, and really have done well. You have the perseverance and resourcefulness of a first class achiever! May you continue to be filled with the energy, love and grace that will give you the good health and strength to carry on your Ministry in the name of our Lord Jesus Christ …And may the Lord lift up the light of His countenance upon you and give you peace. Blessings always.”

6. Graduated from Seminary training with the Liberal Catholic Church International’s St. Alban Theological Seminary: My mentor, The late Most Rev. Charles W. Finn, D.D. stated: “The Reverend Rock is nearing completion of the courses offered by St. Alban Theological Seminary and is interested in continuing her educational pursuits. The Rev. Rock has done exceptionally well in every course she has completed. She shows a deep understanding of all the subjects covered and her writing ability is without question superb. She writes in a clear and easily understood way, and it makes reading her papers a joy. I can’t say enough regarding The Reverend Nesta Rock, as far as her being an excellent student. I am certain, without a doubt, she is and will continue to be a force for good among God’s people. Any and all assistance that can be given to Nesta, would be deeply appreciated and I am certain that you will not regret any aid given to her, in her pursuit of ministry in the future. Again, my thanks for any and all assistance you may be to her. In Christ.”

7. Graduated from the American Apostolic University College of Seminarians: Ph.D. Degree, 3/25/2005. Mar Joseph Vredenburg, His Holiness Moran Mar  Timotheus Josephus Narsai, Th.D., Ph.D., D.D. Archbishop Catholicos-Patriarch of St. Thomas Christians wrote [in 2005]: "This is my opportunity to recommend to you a most excellent Christian Cleric and scholar; she has our highest admiration. We appreciate her splendid teachings and eclectic Spiritual richness. We have been deeply inspired by her life and Ministry; a Wayshower of Spiritual Consciousness, she is a very bright and able colleague. I salute this fine friend and all that she has accomplished.  We have admitted her to the highest rank of clergy scholar; we trust in her eminent scholarship and edministrative ability. She has been a great inspiration in this Federation of St. Thomas Christians. The College of Seminarians, American Apostolic University, by authority of the Spiritual Council of Bishops of the St. Thomas Christians, the Order of Antioch, extend our approval that she be recommended as Archbishop Designate." He commented on January 24, 2011: "Your remarkable gifts of prophecy and discernment of Spirit is very, very needed to heal our planet. The quality of your Work is outstanding. We are so fortunate to share this Spiritual pilgrimage with you.  What you have done is to take the Church to One in Catholic Faith and to One in Spiritual Knowledge--you takes Christianity back again towards a Mission Statement of Celebrating the Presence. You have provided a wonderful place for the Church Holy Offices--your life is resplendant; in my mind you are a most clarifying person touched by Divine Grace. You have done more to educate a lot of people who come through the door of the College of Seminarians than anybody else I know."


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