Letter to prospective Students

Dear Prospective Student:

Welcome to the Institute of Theology. In fulfilling the requirements for Admission, read Introductory Course #1 text, The Beyonder. Comment on your reactions; and then fill out the Application for Admission form, including an autobiography of how you answered your own Spirit Call.

Sovereignty: to evolve inherency, capacity and emergence towards sustained, collective outreach as One Family in God is the goal of every “Spirit Call”. The purpose of this Institute of Theology is to assist in the enactment of your own Spiritual growth in pursuit of this Universal Path. Introducing that all Religions and philosophies evolve this same inherent theme, the goal, then, is for each of us to reach an inward recognition of Universal Love and at-One-ment in an empowering Journey to God.

Institute Courses are by Light Worker Religious Leaders who have found in their  belief system a practice of an inherent belief in Christ—whether that Christ be the Lord Buddha, Mohammad, Krishna, Moses or Jesus.

David Buttrick describes how to express the nature of the experience of who we are as “a movement of language….Our life stories, assembled from so many episodes, may be given new meaning when taken into a grand narrative of God-with-us.… Stories of God-with-us must always be told as our story, and as having huge bearing on our present identity.” Each Institute course leaves a soul track of Passage. Touch-in and share your walk with us. Become a compass for deliverance from your heart.

There is a non-discrimination policy in our Institute. The only qualifications for this study is that you have a belief in the varying aspects of The Christ Spirit, that you have graduated from high school, and that you will apply a dedicated, earnest and committed willingness to bear forth the truth of your Light Work.

As a non-profit Organization, there is no charge for any course; the $30.00 fee for each course covers the costs of printing, shipping and handling. If a text is other than that of our Institute, the fee will be for shipping and handling, plus the cost of the course’s text.

The Rev. Nesta Rock, Ph.D. +
President and Founder
Institute Of Theology
Temple of Antioch, Malabar Rite
Independent Catholic Church

To apply to the Institute of Theology, please fill out the application. Then mail it to the address located on our contact page